She got fired today! Perfect excuse to rip a display from my bathroom wall!
I really, really wanted to ask her and her friends "Did you get fired because of your drinking problem?"
..but of course I did not say this.
An encouraging thing was when her friends wanted to have her kicked out of the tour for what she did...ok? It's 19.5 degrees outside, she has no coat, the tour is not even half over and she needs a a keeper.....???
She behaved herself for the rest of the tour and everyone had a fun time and were so impressed that they kept saying that they had to come back next October!!! ?
Did they think it is October right now?
Where's my breath-alyzer? How many were drinking before they got here tonight?
Overall it was a fun time, fun reactions and threats to pee their pants were very prevalent, so spending all that time today moving the 5 inches of snow we received last night from my walks and walk ways was worth it.