One of the benefits of using the ClickNPrint ticketing system (also known as Extremetix) is that they offer customized survey for capturing market data from the individuals purchasing their tickets online. The following is the result of the survey we had set up for us by Russell and Clint at Extremetix. I thought others might be interested in the results as well. :wink:

2006 ClickNPrint Online Market Data

How did you hear about us?

Radio: 28.70%
Online Search: 21.70%
Friend / Word of Mouth: 16.50%
Newspaper: 9.30%
Myspace: 7.70%
Poster: 3.90%
TV: 2.30%
Billboard: 1.90%
Other: 8.00%
Total: 100.00%

Where did you pick up a Coupon?

McDonald's: 54.90%
Halloween Express: 27.80%
Malco Theatres: 16.60%
Other: 0.70%
Total: 100.00%

Online Ticket Purchaser Age Group?

Under 16: 5.30%
16 to 25: 31.20%
26 to 34: 30.86%
35 and Over: 32.64%
Total: 100.00%