I've been doing my home haunt for four years now and I think it's time for a much needed improvement. I'd really like to start using pneumatic based scares to A. Get more reliable scares B. Save some of my actors C. Get with the times! Many haunts have been using the stuff for years so I figure if I'm going to last I better get with the new technology!

Here are some things I'd like to make for 09

- A corpse laying face down on a desk, when the patrons get in front of it, the corpse falls back in its chair and sprays water out of the mouth.
- A kitchen cupboard that slams open and close really fast for a short period of time
- A dog that jumps out of a dog house
- And some other stuff I can't thing of!

Anyways! My question for all of you is... Where in the HECK do I start!? I have an old air compressor but it's really loud so I don't know if I'll need to get a new one or not... But I honestly have NO KNOWLEDGE of this stuff so please please help me!