Thanks everyone for the comments and feedback. I really worked hard this year to bring the haunt to another level and seeing these photos is proof that it was all worth it. The big skull stage went over extremely well but it could use some more detailing and better lighting for next year. I ran out of time to make the platform good enough to jump out of so that will be on the agenda as well. To think that just two years ago the haunt was in the front yard of my house is pretty funny. I feel like I'm finally over the hump of building massive structures for a while. I am happy with the area the haunt takes up now, about two acres I would guess. This year I can replace the aging big monsters with new different ones and flesh out the whole haunt with more detail, smaller props and well designed scares.

Here are a few more photos. As you can see, lighting plays a big part in the final look of each prop. Dan and Sue deserve a ton of credit to be able to capture these scenes with low light and tons of people coming through the haunt.