i want to build the things that move when someone walks by or when thy walk over something they move. i am only 14 so i am new to this stuff but i want to have like 5 to 7 of them. so far i want to have a dead kid on a bed in blood and he leaps at the people when they walk buy also i want to build a box that goes on the wall with one of the things that move in them and it will shut down on people. thats all i have so far i also want something with a clown i need HELP. so if u have ideas for them and how to build them i will really like that. my haunt next year is going to be a half blood half clown and maybe a bone/skull room and maybe a vortex tunnel if i can find away to build one so if people have ideas how to build them i will really like that to. I think thats all for now.