I really love our Q line lol. Since we're in an old baseball stadium they actually have to go through a gated ticket area to get inside our courtyard where are Q line is. Its about thirty yards by thirty yards of wide open concrete area (sheldon you would have a blast its allllll perfect concrete) with three or four picnic tables in the middle. So basically once you pay to get in...you're fenced in with us....and can't get out very easily. I like to start off by perching on the picnic tables staring straight at the line buying tickets, twitching and drooling and just generally being disturbing. The fun part about that is watching how many people buy a ticket...see me...then decide to go home lol. But once iv got a target who enters i watch them all the way in and once they walk past me and think i have ignored them follow them into the line and begin the process of terrifying them. The buildup is what really creeps them out best.

Psycological Profiling At Its Finest!

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