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Thread: Hayride specs

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  1. Default Hayride specs 
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    Nov 2008
    I know every hayride is different but how about people discuss some of their specs:

    How much land does your hayride use?

    How long is the Hayride trip?

    How often do you have a scare or display? (every 1 min? every 2 mins?)

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    Dec 2008
    Hi, I would like to learn more about hayrides and Haunted trails too! Any pictures or suggestions would be helpful.


  3. Default Hayride specs... 
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    Dec 2008
    Aberdeen, MD
    In 2007, we started with a 1.5 mile hayride though our corn... woods... corn... woods... We had 14 scare areas, and a 45 minute length.... It had some awesome highlights, but it had a lot of dead spots.
    Last year, we cut out almost 1/2 mile... added 2 skits, and still found dead zones. This season, we're cutting back to .8 miles (from first to last skit) and we should eliminate dead zones all together.

    The best strength of our hayride is we can build permanent sets, barns, etc to pull through, and through smart corn planting, you will never see another set while you're on the hayride. We can travel backwards one year, forwards the next, and we have even rotated the starting point last year. hope this helps
    Patrick Barberry

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