Greetings. Let me start out by saying that i may be new to the haunting industry (just finished my 2nd year) but I have been acting for 13 yrs (out of 17). I have recently decided that I want to put together a small booklet for new haunters that decide they want to work at my haunt, a manual if you will. In it I would like to talk in detail not only about theory and haunting ideas, but also about etiquette, security, sexual harrassment, etc (you know cover all my bases). The only issue is, I'm not sure what all I should cover. Now I know some of you have huge haunts and are very highly regarded in the haunt industry and you have books for your haunt. I was hoping some of you could give me some ideas on what to put in my manual. Thanks for any help any of you are willing to give. Gracias!