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Thread: Some of the vetrans please post your ideas: a haunting manual

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    Aug 2003
    North Royalton, OH
    That is it exactly!

    I've done theater and, obviously, haunted attractions and they are so completely different!! I get stage fright for both, horribly, but they are two different feelings of ick for each, just the the acting techniques are different.
    Beth Miller

    SoMetHinG WiCKed ThIS WAy CoMEs

    What can we teach you about fear?

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    Mar 2008
    Traverse City, Michigan
    lol then I am going to become the self-proclaimed lord of acting lol jp jp all...I've been theatre acting for 13 yrs (I've even lost my stage fright which is really the worst thing of all)...Haunt acting also came really natural to me. In my first yr I learned timing outrageous quickly and began doing effective psychological scares (I also filled in for our icon characater one night when the actor couldnt show up). For my second yr (this past season) I became the owner and architect of the Warwick Hotel, Damien Warwick (I'm hoping to turn him into an icon character now if the owner feels like it's a good idea).

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    If I ever had to fill one out they would think I was lying.
    "Nobody in a Haunted House setting "acts" for 90 minutes straight through, using numerous voices and eating up 90 minutes worth of material!"
    (While running up and down and way down throughout the place also physically interacting and physically doing everything that has to be done or get done, sometimes racing around , in a track meet, needing to win every footrace, blatantly cheating if need be.)

    I don't know?
    It is very hard to seperate "Thee" from "Me".
    Sometimes when I feel I'm being very much me, myself, I somehow scare the customers more.
    I tell them the house's extensive haunted history, limited by their general level of intrest and my own speaking ability. I never tell it all to any group because it would make the tour much longer than 90 minutes.
    I try to use ample amounts of humor in it's telling to soften the effect it might have on some of them when they gradually begin to realise that everything I'm talking about ....actually happened..just the way I said.

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