This HauntWorld #20 voting poll is turning into quite a horse race! I'm glad to see we are giving our friends over at Nightmare New England a good run for their money. Who would have thought two haunts from New Hampshire that cross promote with each other would be in such a cool contest together? Congratulations and good luck to all the haunts on the poll. They are all great deserve to be in the magazine! Like I said before it's tough to narrow it down so a vote like Larry is doing is a fair way.

Since there are only two days left to vote we figured we would post a short sample of some of this year's footage. This video will be pulled as soon as the voting is over so watch it while you can. Keep in mind this is an abbreviated version of our wrap party video that was quickly made for our entertainment and not promo use. We will be making a much more polished version using better footage as well as night vision and funny interviews for our 2009 promo once we sift through all the footage. There are two commercial songs on here we can't use for promo either that's why it will be pulled shortly. We will purchase music for the real thing that we put on our site.

Even though Tim Bickford threw this together in two days I still think it rocks and I would like to thank him very much for doing it.

I think you guy's will get a kick out of some of this scare footage and if it gets us a few more votes on the Hauntworld #20 thread that would be great. If after watching the video you think we should be featured go here to vote if you haven't already.

Thanks for your support,


Crank up the volume!

For a better quality version go to this link