We were busy tonight and as I was doing my front room routine a young man's cell phone lit up in the otherwise dark room, I stepped closer to him, looked at it and said, "Is your Mother calling you again?'
When they suddenly begin playing a tune interupting the mood that I am trying to create , I just go with the flow and begin dancing a very goofy looking dance step just as if we are all in an old musical movie from 1952 and a full band or orchestra is following our every move, just waiting to begin playing so we can all begin singing and of course dancing.
The first thing Mommie's Cell-phone boy did was aim a laser at a girl in the group he came here with and she complained saying that now she had a red nipple!
I said, "Don't we all? Sort of, kind of?"
They were a fun group. They didn't get a normal tour since while they were in the house ten people they didn't know were also in the house playing Hide & Seek. I told them a hillbilly family was running lose in the house and that they should watch out!
I was getting free helpers from the faux-hillbillys. One ten-year-old boy was almost their tour guide through the house for awhile.
I had all three furnaces running before and during their time in the house, it's not all "profit" you know!