I have been using blip.tv to host our Haunted Overload videos for a while now. The quality is better than Youtube. Also, you can post a much longer video. You can also embed blip.tv video players into your web site. The downside is that Youtube is 1000 times more popular and... you have to be a member to leave feedback.

But!!!! Blip.tv also offers users advertising. With the click of a couple of buttons you can enable advertising on your videos. The adds are not too terribly annoying. They can run a few seconds before or after your video. There are others that play below the video. Blip.tv is not very specific on how much you are paid for each add. You get so much if someone clicks on an add etc.

Blip.tv tries to run adds that relate to your video. Therefore you need a good description with your video post. I recently clicked on a haunt related add while experimenting with our blip.tv videos. Guess where it brought me? Right to Hauntworld. Just think, if you bought a banner on hauntworld the add can take the viewers right to hauntworld and there is your banner.

Unfortunaly for us we decided to start using the advertising option after Halloween 2008. We missed out on all those hits. By the way, after you hit $25 Blip.tv sends the money to your Paypal account. I'm sure there are similar video sites that offer the same form of advertising. It's a great way to get money for your video budget.