How about an article in the next Hauntworld called :"Identifying the Competition"?
Do haunts really compete with each other? We are all striving for the dollar but people have alot of other entertainment venues vying for that same dollar don't they?
Movies, plays, nightclubs, liquor.......
I think anymore if one haunt charges a dollar or two more than the one nearest to it, that people go to the cheaper one first and that is where the "competition" actually is at, so if you can't meet or beat the other haunt's price, you will not be competitors, sort of like saying Rolls Royce is competing with the Ford Escourt.
Mom's get bugged to take their kid(s) to a haunted house and then Mom maybe plays dumb and takes them to either the easiest to drive to or the cheapest one, end of story.
"Quit complaining! I took you to a haunted house!"
"But not the fantastic one I heard about...."

Do haunt-finder websites really compete with one another?