Well i know i know haunts should stay away from movie character types but hey if the haunt your working for puts you in that scene what can you do? Your best right? Lets discuss, tell me your views, what are pros and cons?
Here is my opinion on well known movie characters such as Michael Myers for examples people KNOW him. A lot of the time its a learned fear, they got scared from the movie they will sh!t themselves from the reall thing in their face. If they werent scared of the movie...well your out of luck. You kind of need to stray from the silent slow gait to scare them. I was in the michael Myers in my room i personally didnt think i did rather well but everyone thought i rocked that room, i requested to be put back in the clown house (My home) which they graciously did. Being a HUGE fan of the horror movie i really tried to keep it synonymous with the movie, quiet, terror. But i have noticed something about michael myers and is a common misconception. People think that white mask he wheres is supposed to represent his face, this is not true it is a mask he stole from a hardware store according to the john carpenter original. But everyone kept saying "Oh look you can see the mask line!" Well yeah its a mask its what he wore! He is a slow character and eh doesnt talk so when another fan in the movie comes through they tend to tell all their friends "Dont worry he wont run he only walks, just take of." And the lack of speaking doesnt allow me to get under their heads enough. SSo whats everyones views on the characters? Because everyone has probably played a significantly well known horror movie in their time i bet. What do you think the pros and cons are of being a horror movie character?