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Thread: You wanna to know about Damien Reaper

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  1. Default You wanna to know about Damien Reaper 
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    Jan 2009
    Dent, Ohio
    My name is Damien Reaper I've been Haunting for about 10 years, I'm with The Dent Schoolhouse aka WEBN's Haunted House in Cincinnati OH.

    Name: Dan Walker (human) Alias: Damien Reaper (demon)

    Before I died I was a boy age 16, I watched my father (Father Hank Walker)left and join the Church and then watched my Mother (Marie Wissing Walker) lay dead in a pool of her own blood by a knife in her hand. I carried this rage within till Oct 30 1899 , in my graveyard at The Dent Schoolhouse I was working on a grave when a group of meat bags teens and they kick my ass then one would grab my shovel bash my skull and send me to Hell, Why was I sent to Hell never did anything wrong yet... It was holding my anger that was my damnation, I made a deal with the devil to return and kill every sinner that walked that earth, Which he granted me that wish after a while giving him the tainted souls was alright But each soul gave me power and I turned on my master by not giving him this souls and I am playing to make a new Hell,with my other generals Charlie McFree -The Janitor ,Helldrake -The Mad Doctor and Bludzo -The Evil Clown Our Army will make earth a new Damnation!

    I'm am one of the longest lasting Characters in Cincinnati, One being Bludzo 15 years.

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