I agree with the previous post, contact all the professional haunts in your area. I've had two employees receive college credits for working on my tech crew at Eastern State Penitentiary. One was an Industrial Design student who worked on my animatronics and now is working for a design firm in LA that works with Disney. Another was a film student who received credits for a stage management class. Go to your dean and look into getting credits for working within your major during the summer.

As for your friend, have her send resumes and samples of her work to companies that she would want to work for. Another route to go is also contact local haunts. I had a very talented prop maker contact me 3 years ago. I had her do a few pieces for me the first year, then we hired her to be in charge of our costumes and make-up. She now even has her own company and will be a vendor at TransWorld this February. Visit her web-site: http://www.safarianomalous.com

Hope those examples give you the inspiration to get your name out there. Remember, it's impossible for haunts to find you, but we're always looking for talented people to find us!