One of the things i like to do when working in a Q line is turn peoples friends against them. Theres nothing people love more than to see their friends get scared. They think that they are safe if all the attention is being focused on their friend(s).

What are some fun tactics you use to pitt peoples friends against them, or manipulate groups as a whole with the intent of getting a better scare or scaring as many people as possible in the group?

How do you work a group in which you have one or two shamelessly easy targets (screaming hanging all over each other and shrieking that theyre scared...these are the people you can hear getting out of their cars before they even enter your territory). And then the rest of the group is quieter or seemingly more at ease? Do you go for the easy scare...or work to get a better one on someone who is a bit more difficult to work with?

Just thought it would be a fun thread