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Thread: Looking for a Makeup Manager for Austin, Texas

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  1. Default Looking for a Makeup Manager for Austin, Texas 
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    Sep 2004
    Austin, Texas
    We are looking for an experienced Makeup Manager for the Mansion of Terror Haunted House in Austin, Texas. This is a paid position for the months of September and October 2009. Our crew is one big family and we have an amazingly creative and talented crew! We work really hard but we have fun with what we do!

    The Mansion of Terror has two haunted houses and we've decided that we need a Makeup Manage for each haunted house. Our newest haunted house for 2009 is going to require a really creative deranged and demented individual as the Makeup Manager!!!

    The Mansion of Terror Haunted House is rated the #1 Haunted House in the nation by Lionsgate Films and was showcased on the Travel Channel in 2008!!!

    For consideration and questions, please email me at: management@mansionofterror.com

    Best regards,

    Norm Glenn
    Psychological terror at it's best!

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    Apr 2009
    What are the requirements?
    Application or supervision? ordering supplies? character design? appliance fabrication? or all of the above?
    is there a budget? is there an existing crew?

  3. Default Questions 
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    Jun 2005
    Don't you think those questions would be answered in an interview or in a direct inqury via e-mail or a phone conversation rather that sticking them out on the net ? When we are looking for people I, after the initial contact will tell the person here is what we are looking for and here is what the show will consist of - I then tell them to develope a list of what they need and let me take a look at it, then I can see if they are just getting a Christmas list together or if they are actully getting supplies based on show need . Very nice portfolio Michael
    Last edited by AW; 05-19-2009 at 05:52 AM.

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    Apr 2009
    Not necessarily,
    I am currently bidding on make up services to a Halloween event at a theme park in Hong Kong and I have yet to meet them face to face. It was all conducted by Invitation to bid, Scope of the work and proposals. In fact they have a responsibility to have transparency in their bidding since it's government regulated.

    It has to do with the way the company chooses to operate and who they want to attract. It also has to do with how established the event is. Usually the more established the event the more continuity they like to retain from previous years. So they can controll costs and keep a successfull "look" to the production from prior years. Especially with featured characters.

    This park in HK on the other hand is looking for a new look.... a more western event. butt ugly dirty rotten zombie look rather than the asian demon gargoyle look.

    Being a manufacturer as well as an artist I can offer a wide variety of choices to a client. I really didn't think that learning a bit more about what they were looking for would hurt anyone. I would have thought that the more info about the position would result in increased response and intrest rather than less.

    As the original Make up services contractor for Universal's Halloween Horror Nights first 4 years I was responsible for 5 venues and 300 actors in make up all within 2 hours. This was an every night, month long event. That requires management as opposed to supervision or execution. The theme park in Hong Kong is on the same scale. and with all due respect many owners perceived scope may in fact exceede their needs due to their perspective and proximity to the event. Oftentimes there is also ambiguity with regards to the needs and requirements. Having developed many innovative make up products I was able to solve specific problems through product development while saving the producer money and time. "Better living through chemistry"

    You are right that these questions can be answered in a direct conversation but it also gives an opportunity to respond "thanks but the position is filled". Also from a business standpoint I have very little to loose by asking. They may not choose me to provide services but They or te one they choose may decide (wisely so) to use my products and the distance of the internet allows for a more gracious decline rather than being put on the spot by a phone call.

    I'm happy to see that I evoked intrest and discussion in what was simply a job posting.

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