This is the first time you will hear it.

This year Rotting Flesh Radio and Transworld have teamed up to bring you on-going coverage of the event.

R.F.R. will be there to cover all the social events, bring you mini-casts every night with Interviews, the days wrap up and more. We will also have Interviews on the show beginning Mid-January with Vendors, Seminar Speakers, Social Events and such that will be at TW.

R.F.R. will be in the Haunt Show area for you to stop by record a spot for the show, do an interview and just chat. We will also have a Prize package to TW guests only from all of our sponsors and guests.

There is alot more as well. I will post it soon once I get an official release written.

Just had to spread the good news. Well, at least good for me. You all have helped us reach where we are today.

Thank You.