First a bit of background, the haunt i work at is a commercial haunt here in Bakersfield and is about a 30 min walk through maze. We employed roughly 40-60 actors and had a complete make up department, front of house and security. This past season was my first acting and in the industry and i loved every second of it. This season I am taking on much more responsibility, helping with construction and design, building some pneumatic props and a ton of other odds and ends. One of the things I want to do is help my fellow actors out this season and get us as a team better organized. Our owner was so busy this past season he relied on the more experienced actors to mentor the new people and that was an unorganized mess. So back to the point, as an actor what would you like your haunt to be/do what ever.... What I'm saying is would you like a bbq say in July or August to get everyone back together and start bringing the new people into the family, would you like classes on scaring in a haunt, time in the haunt with lights on to practice and get to know your area, an actual handbook on do's don'ts and how to's for acting. How do you like the haunt actors organized withing the haunt itself ie senior members get the pic of the spots, assigned spots as apposed to roaming around freely? We had three different themes and everyone was assigned to a room and only 4-5 actors in the whole cast could roam the haunt or go out into the que. What would you like in terms of nightly accommodations, are you ok with a single bathroom brake and a bottle of water or would you prefer an craft services table with food and what nots that you can much on on your brake? We were allowed brakes about 2-3 times a night or if you needed one. I personally never used the brakes i didn't want to miss the scares, and i had a bottle of water stashed in my room so I was fine. For after season activities what would you like? I've seen haunts do awards dinners and the like which might be fun. We do pay our actors and had a pizza dinner a few weeks after closing and that seemed to fit everyone just fine but awards could boost moral. Do you want t shirts or something of the like or just a paycheck dinner and some good laughs? Let me know what you all would like out of your haunt for this upcoming season. I want to make things fun and memorable as well as easy for our actors.