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Thread: Worst ideas for remakes coming soon

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  1. Default Worst ideas for remakes coming soon 
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    Jan 2009
    Exeter, NH
    Silent Night Deadly Night, Poltergeist, Wolfman, Attack of the (something) potatoes ), Candyman, Hellraiser, Last House on the Left, wolfman, Creature from the Black Lagoon, THE BIRDS!!!, Nightmare on Elm Street, Pet Cemetary, Leprechaun, and Childs Play

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    Feb 2009
    Los Angeles, CA
    Most of these films probably won't be made, with exception of the Universal and New Line horror franchises'. You listed The Wolf Man twice, but I am concerned about that one as well. I have always thought Benicio looked like a wolf man, so maybe he'll blow us all away.

    They're already doing a "Creature from the Black Lagoon: The Musical" at the Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park; I've seen signs for it's release and auditions all over the studio lately...it's a comedy, I hope.

    "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is definitely happening after the box office money "Friday the 13th" made. I am already furious that Robert Englund will not be reprising his role; but then again, it would be interesting to see how truly terrifying and abstract they could make the film through modernization of the effects and story line.

    The nice thing about "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is that it isn't 'stupid horney teenagers getting themselves killed.' It's normal kids who are haunted by a 'boogieman' in their nightmares; so it could be cool to see a reinvention of this very dated and low budget horror film.

    As for "Candyman," I hated the movie to begin with. The ghetto doesn't scare me and never will; not a good setting for a horror film.

    "Hellraiser" is fine as is.

    "Last House on the Left" definitely should have been left alone; but it looks like it's already been given the Hollywood-treatment.

    "The Birds" is a whole other story. That's like remaking "Casablanca," NO ONE but Hitchcock could have made that film correctly. Let's hope at least they remake it shot for shot just like they did "Psycho," and with the same soundtrack.

    "Child's Play" wasn't an amazing movie, and it still feels WAY too soon to do a remake of it; as well as with "Poltergeist."

    "Leprechaun," no way.

    The only thing all of us as an audience can do to stop these horrible remakes from coming out is to STOP GOING TO OPENING WEEKENDS. This is when the studios make all their money and green light sequels and further remakes. Unfortunately, most good movies rely on opening weekend grosses to stay in the theatre, so choose your films wisely.
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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Sometimes they need to be re-made. As for Horror movies in my book there all fair game except one... EXORCIST!!! That is OFF LIMITS!


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    Aug 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by MooreEnt24 View Post

    "Leprechaun," no way.
    Someone should be shot yes?

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    I'm curious about a new Child's Play movie. I think it will be really cool if they actually used an animatronic (perfect for a living toy). And from what I read, they're going for straight horror rather than continuing to move towards comedy as the films have done so far.

    So I'm pretty excited about this remake - certainly better than another crappy sequel.

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