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  1. Default DO NOT HESITATE...CHECK THIS OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!! 
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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Okay guys...go to www.findhauntedhouses.com

    Its not DONE 100%. There are other features we're going to be uploading and turning on over the next week.

    We're also planning several graphic changes and light flash touch ups.

    However now you can log into your haunts account and add photos, graphics, and a whole lot more.

    The site is easier to use, easier to find haunts and much more.

    We will also add a toc page later tonight and some other things and we're done.

    If you want to know how listings can now look, go to the Missouri page and click on my listing for Darkness or the one on the bottom SILOX.

    Users can rate your haunts, they can leave you reviews and more.


    You might be wondering which, site will send you more traffic Hauntedhouse.com or our system at Hauntworld.com. Well I can answer that question for you RIGHT NOW... Hauntworld.com by a long shot.


    Prrior to last year Hauntworld.com was MOST haunts #1 refer of traffic. Last year we totally messed up with some internal failures, although we still sent tons of traffic to haunts we still didn't perform up to 100%.

    We've corrected those errors and have expanded our program.

    WE have a work relationship already with Halloween.com, and several other sites. I have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT COMING UP FOLKS...within the next 2 weeks about another MAJOR partnership I've made with another website. But all of that aside...

    We're re-launching (findhauntedhouses.com) to search engines in two weeks and we fully expect to be in the top 5 under all major keywords.

    The new url is www.hauntedhouseonline.com, which should click with search engines much better than www.findhautnedhouses.com. Additionally we'll be launching 3 other major websites very shortly after Transworld that will be SEARCH ENGINE magnets.

    Last year Hauntworld.com was the #1 Haunted House website on the entire web. Additionally ranked over 50% higher than Hauntedhouse.com right now. During the month of October Hauntworld.com had the most traffic of any other haunted house website on the entire web.

    This year we will do a 100% better job at promoting haunts, going to haunts, and everything related.

    We will be selling these featured listings AT TRANSWORLD FIRST, after that they will be available through the web.

    Any smart business owner would buy featured listings on Hauntworld.com and Hauntedhouse.com. I know I am...

    Both sites will send your business qualified buyers...its just we plan on being #1! LOL.


    1) You can upload logos, photos and more.

    2) Your customers can rate your haunt and leave reviews

    3) You can modify your listing whenever you want 24/7

    4) We have a trackbacker program, when you place our banner code on your site, your listing gets credit and move up and down in the listings per state. In other words if you listed first that means NOTHING...your text listing will drop to the bottom if we're not getting links back from your site.

    5) You can now buy more banners in certain states and fewer in other states and prices that reflect your states haunt popularity...for example if you're in Kansas banners are much cheaper. You can also puchase side bar banners as well that sit next to text listings.


    What should you do now???

    1) Come to TW and get your featured ad space.

    2) Log into your account NOW and modify it, improve it, and take our banner coding and place it on your site ASAP! The sooner you do this the sooner your site will be listed on top. (Banner text is located on your backend account).

    3) TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!!!

    Tell us what you think!

    Larry Kirchner

  2. Default  
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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Just FYI...the site may go up and down over the next week because we continue to upload things, turn different new settings and programs on so this may cause the site to go off line from time to time over the next week.

    However this will not happen after all updates are installed.

    So if you see something don't be alarmed.


  3. Default Pictures Posted on NETHERWORLD Listing 
    I posted some pictures of the Haunt on the NETHERWORLD listing in Georgia. Check out how we changed our Impailer!


    Ben Armstrong
    NETHERWORLD Haunted House

  4. Default  
    Raycliff Manor Guest
    Ben, you have one freakin incredible haunt there:!: :twisted: I am amazed at the detail, layering, lighting, etc.! WOW :!: :!: :!: I'm bowing down before you :!:


  5. Default  
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    May 2005
    Oh Kel! You have to SEE Neitherworlds to believe it. Ben, Billy and their crew have done some of the most amazing work I have ever seen. We go as often as we can and it's like a whole new show every time. It just keeps getting BIGGER AND BETTER!!! Ben has EVERYTHING needed to run the best haunt in the USA - Starting with a great permenant location in a HUGE warehouse/mini mall close to a I-85 in Atlanta. He has the tallent to build his own props, do his own decorating and modify purchased props so that EVERYTHING in his show is unique. He has a truely tallented and dedicated crew of builders, decorators, costumers and acters that every other haunt in the area tries to recruit away from him. But the Neitherworld Crew are totally loyal to Ben & Billy because those two are just so DAMNED NICE that everyone loves them!

    Some day, I wanna grow up to be just like Ben Armstrong.

    Oh wait... he's younger than me. Bastard. :twisted:
    The child is grown, the dream is gone.
    I have become comfortably numb.

  6. Default  
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    Oct 2005
    right behind you
    Yes, indeed. Dr. Speculos haunt is something awesome to awe about. Right down to the chocolate covered tarantulas. (j/k they really dont have those- yet)

    Its also amazing operationally. If only they franchised. ho hum.

  7. Default  
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    Aug 2006
    Fantastic feature allowing customers to rate haunts and leave reviews.

    It is what got me started again. I was born a haunter and lived in the US and Canada but when I came to England and saw nothing in my area I got some stuff shipped across and started home haunting.

    Then some guys decided to open a rip off haunt with 'paper' decorations with orange & black balloons plus some old christmas lights and start charging money 15 for adults and 8 for kids.

    Time to bring out the big stuff and kick ass!! Now I know where the crowds go to and I don't charge as much and make sure 'value for money' it the top deliverable.

    I happy to report they are starting to catch on but thanks to my years of being involved with major venus and the resources supplied here they are trailing behind.

    Thanks guys!

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    Mar 2006
    Buffalo, New York, United States
    greetings earthlings * hush mike, there is nothign more you can do* it is I, kitty evil ruler of al the lands. mwahahaha!! i have "hacked" his account, okay well i can't really hack anything, I just had a little fight with him over the laptop OMFG watching johnny depp vid on you tube eeekk!! LOVE HIM!! thre song is the whole "I'm too sexy for this shirt, so sexy it hurts", yo uknwo that one. some ugly pics and some good ones. he's way hot though.
    Mike Cirrincione
    Executive Producer of:

    M&K Workshop
    MAC Productions presents:
    Buffalo Badlands: Tinianna Home of The Tormentor *RIP*
    AND SOON, Pandora's Box!

    Skyrotechnic Illuminations
    Pro Fireworks coming 2015

    Cyber Saturday - a revolution in light and music
    Coming soon

    Black Hole Shows: Buffalo

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    Aug 2003
    Seneca Falls, NY
    I can't sign in or retrieve my password for the findhauntedhouse. I have tried to contact someone using email but no response. Can you PM me or email me to get this fixed

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