Of sorts......

I have had volunteers for 8 years now. I have to say that some of the volunteers have been over 5 years and I have one young man that has been here all 8 entering his 9th.

I have 45 volunteers that call me mom! Sometimes they make me feel REALLY old. I don't think that there is one of them that I don't love like my own.

Here are some of the things that I do with our volunteers:
- have a beginning of the year cookout, at this time we go over the rules
assign section leaders, etc.
- have several brainstorming sessions with them get their ideas, they are very
proud of something that they can call their own
- SHIRTS by all means SHIRTS
- we attend all area parades, after which we all go to a resturant and have a
lunch or breakfast
- a good movie comes out......we all go!
- I cook dinner for the actors every night we are open, along with beverages
- by all means listen to what they have to say about characters they would like
to be, encourage them to think and design these characters as long as the
character fits with the theme of the haunt
- Offer an incentive to those how bring new recruits to the haunt to volunteer
- Make it understood that if there is misconduct (touching costumers, foul lang.
etc. they will not come back)
- As alot are willing to help with haunt design and setup, we might work awhile
swim in the pool awhile work awhile....
- If we see a volunteer doing something out of the extraordinary maybe helping
a customer ( such as a crying YOUNG one, etc) they are rewarded.
- Nightly we have the best actor of the night
- The more years they are with you increase their responsibility
- We also have an end of session banquet, with monetary rewards, along with
trophies that I have had engraved with their name, their characters and the

I do have volunteers that at call on a regular basis and ask what I am doing and they just want to hang out, or they just want to come over. Needless to say I have kids here all the time. I do alot of work with the high school we fully support the schools FFA group and have the whole time we have been open.

I do find that we do have trouble, as I posted on another forum that we have problems with costumes getting destroyed and props. And we will be working this year on trying to correct this.

But all in all I can say that it is a very rewarding experience! I hope this helps!