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Thread: Are two heads really better then one?

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    Oct 2011
    Bluff City, TN
    I think a good partner can really be of help. Personally I like to create things ..you know set design, props, fx..and such. But I kinda suck with the PR part of running a haunt. That's where a good partner for me would someone who is great at that aspect.

    I can also see where two people just like myself would have plenty of issues . Your partner whoever he or she may be just needs to be proficient where you are not I think.

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Over the years I have seen, heard , met, so many people who would love to have a haunt. then they ramble on and on expressing tonS of common ideas. The bottom line is:"Are they doers or just ... talkers?
    I have proved (to anyone noticing) that I can talk and obviously "Do", but the reality I have observed all too commonly is , most people can't or won't or don't know when it's actually time to "Do" something because the jabber-jaws can't stop moving!!!
    Yes, it is MORE Work to bend, lift, sweep, shovel, measure, fasten, test-fit, remove, cut it again, lift it again, think on your feet as you negotiate through tools and processes and the order in which the best way to accomplish everything will be found.
    The other thing to watch out for is the insessant talker who brags so large that nobody could have ever been and done everything they talk about in one short, youthfull, lifetime, anyway.
    If something sounds like B.S., it probably will smell that way, eventually.
    Just don't waste time stepping in it, with your only pair of dancing shoes.
    Quit dancing, get to work!

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