I am not trying to start anything but have a question that I would like everyone’s opinion on. I'm not sure if I should even write this but here goes anyways.

A person buys some new and used props from a fellow Haunter. The following year they travel 4 hours one way to see his Haunt. He lets them in for free which they thought and still do think it was a very nice jester. While there, they see some props that they again would like to purchase. Asks the Haunter if he would sell the pieces and he responded by saying only if he buys a replacement for it before next year. The potential buyers says let them know. A while later, not sure how much later, the Haunt owner calls and said the pieces are for sale and the couple said they would take it. Ask him if he wants a deposit sent and he said no and just pay for it when you pick it up. The buyer says it won't be till after the first of the year and that was fine with him.

Here comes the problem:
Economy sucks and the buyer loses his job. Factory lays off 120 people and buyer is one of them. Buyer then tells the seller that he can not purchase the props because he needs to think about paying bills and his family’s livelihood. Priority is not the Haunted House at this time and family is. Cancels trip to St Louis and cancels purchase of props.

Seller is livid, tells buyer that he said he was buying the props and should stay true to his word. Claims that the only reason he bought new product was because they were buying the old. Buyer feels bad about it and usually is good on his word but when force to do something that is uncontrollable has no choice.

What would be some of you peoples opinion out there on both sides view point?