Only problem with that allen is that my character rarely talks lol, i'll speak to maybe four or five people a night lol my character does not do alot of dialogue. I rely alot on body movement and attitude to get my scares. And some of the stuff that i do physically. People seem to be un-easy when i never say anything, i snarl alot and snap at people but thats most of my vocalization.

But that is true its great that customers say a bunch of the same things when i get asked out by guys i usually say "sorry dear you're not my type" and the reaction of their friends is "ohhhhhh u just got turned down by the dead girl!!!"

i get "hey how much do you get paid here" alot and i usually respond with "depends on how many people i kill" or "all the flesh that i can eat"

another one is "ooo -insert name of patrons friend- i think she likes you!" i usually resond with "depends on if she's a screamer or not"

because i wear a straight jacket i get "can i untie you?" i say "that all depends on if you want to live"

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