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Thread: Pet Peeves

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    Nov 2004
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Tater, I think granny should use the women's bathroom. That's what a granny would do!
    Katie Lane
    Raven's Wolf Art Productions (www.ravens-wolf.com)

    Bansheette Morningstar (www.bansheette.com)

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    Jan 2009
    Columbus Ohio, Hilltop
    Ask Miss Budweiser Tater lol im sure she could give u some great advice...

    Rotting Flesh Radio Haunt Hottie
    “Happiness is the sublime moment when you step out of your corset at the end of the night.”

    “Actors love mental disorders, dialects, and corsets. Give them one of the three and they're happy.”

  3. Default "I Only Want A Short Tour" 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    then I do everything I can to make it a shorter but still good experience for them..they begin asking me 10,000 needless questions, reading stuff written on the wall and then they can't seem to do the simplest task to keep themselves moving through, like open a regular door at the end of a hallway!
    I guess I need an electric cattle prodder for these types. YES!

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