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Thread: Orlando Haunted House

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  1. Default Change of Plans 
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    Apr 2009
    Itís been awhile since Iíve posted anything. I'm terrible at keeping everyone up-to-date. Anyways, a few things have changed. I spent three months in search of a location with no luck. I didnít think I was asking for muchÖa large open space 3,000 to 5,000 sqft. It needed a sprinkler system, 12í ceiling, and several other small requirements. The first problem I encountered was no one wanted to do a two month lease. Six months was the shortest. Finally found one leasing company out of about thirty that said ok. The next issue was fire sprinklers. The Orlando Fire Marshal requires them for this type of event. Now the only warehouses this company had with sprinklers were at least an hour away from me and not close enough to my target market.

    So what to do? It was getting too close to Halloween for me to not have a space. Even if I found one, I donít think I could do a haunt with the quality I want our company to be associated with. Thereís just not enough time. Seeing how this is my first year doing a haunt of my own, Iíve decided to scale it down a bit. After much debate, Iíve decided to do it at my house. It was either at my house, or not at all. I have about 2,000 sqft to play with. I will no longer be able to charge admission but will instead use this year to accomplish the following.

    1) A test run to get our feet wet
    2) An opportunity to take pictures and video for next year's website
    3) A chance to get feedback from people that go through and maybe some quotes for the website
    4) Everything we build this year will go into next yearís haunt
    5) I will be inviting several investors to show them what we can do and hopefully get them to contribute for next years haunt

    It will not run every weekend in October. Instead, it'll only be open four days, friday and saturday of the last two weeks in October. I can't ask people to donate any more time then that because there is no chance of me being able to pay anyone this year. But it will be great experience and great fun. And people can get a lot of pictures for their portfolios.

    As soon as the fall semester starts, we'll have weekly meetings and work days. I hope to be able to fashion the work days like how-to seminars. That way, people can learn new things. I've already recruited several students to start some small animatronic projects. I hope to be able to assign more projects to other people. I provide the materials and the supervision, they supply the labor. That's about all I can offer this year. Although, I hope to have some money left over to do a big party and make t-shirts but we'll see.

    I will no longer post anything on this section of the forum. If I post anymore, itíll be in Home Haunting 101. Iíve started a facebook profile if anyone wants to follow our build. Just search Scary Studios on facebook. Thanks for all your help and support.


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    Aug 2009
    Remeber also that you are in Orlando and from what I have seen Universals halloween thing looks crazy and not to mention they have the movie experts to make the coustumes and efx. The plus to your attration however can be that it is cheaper and that perhaps you might look into putting attrations for the younger crowd. It seemed on the site that Universal's attractions ar more geared for 13 and older. So that could be a plus for you and for the locals! Good luck and hope you have fun!

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