This was my tool to get my mother to take me seriously about this and show her the real side to the industry "behind the masks". I figure, what the hell, post it up here and see what the pros think. I tried to think of all the aspects of designing and running a haunt. Feel free to critcize, add too or throw in your own opinions based up what I have here.

Master Plan
  • Ticket selling procedures
    Crowd control
    -Haunt sq. ft.

Code compliance and research
  • -Fire

Business plan development
Research EMT services[/list:u:8d76ae83ee]Theme Creation
  • Determine Theme
    Create Story Line
    Character development
    [list:8d76ae83ee] -Main characters
    -Minor characters
[/list:u:8d76ae83ee]Design Development
  • Number of houses
    Themes for each house
    Number of rooms per house
    [list:8d76ae83ee]-Design of rooms
    -Scare design

Misc. Scare design (hallways, etc.)[/list:u:8d76ae83ee]
Construction Drawings
  • House layout
    Room/scene order/layout
    Exact floor plans
    Exit strategies
    [list:8d76ae83ee] -Both fire and chicken-run
  • Cost summary
    Operation research
    [list:8d76ae83ee]-Ticket booth procedures
    -Safety training
    -Employee contracts
    -Character assignments
    -Orientation techniques

Marketing strategies
Equiptment for staff
  • -Radios
    -Traffic wands
    -Ticket equitpment
    -Fire extinguishers
  • Construction costs
    Prop costs
    Costume costs
    Actor payroll
    Misc. Equiptment
    Mid-haunt repair budget
Fabrication Supervision/Art direction
  • Construction

Installation Supervision
  • Painting
    Scene construction
    Fire retardent
    Prop installation
    Saftey check of path
    Final run-through
Operational supervision
  • Hiring of actors
    Scare training
    Employee coordination
    Work scheduling
    Fire saftey training
    Emergency operation training
    Actual operation management

Pretty much open ended, I threw this in Microsoft Excel and added other blank columns such as duration, % complete, start date, finish date, and predecessors