I mean making one out of the clothes you already are wearing or of using your own face or hair to actually scare people?
Sounds like a creative challenge doesn't it?
There is a huge scare/advantage in doing this sort of a thing, it's called "Speed", "Presto-change-o! Followed by the customer's mind not keeping up or anticipating that a different "look" could suddenly manifest itself that soon!
I have been doing some of this for a great many years , I would quickly pull my shirt up, bite it to hold it there , which changes half the color of clothing I am wearing ("Different color, must be someone else?)
Then frown or squint, maybe throw on some hat or part of a wig laying nearby and "Who is that?" (the dim lighting helps this too!)
So the reason I might seem so inspired to share this incredibly vital and possibly new information is because the other night it extended to a new direction.
Necessity is the Mother of "The Mothers of Invention" (Or something like that?) I was in the middle of my long front room routine and I got to telling about how my Mother used to actually bring me down to visit Mrs. Rose who lived in the one apartment here when I was just three years old...then in the dark I say," maybe she brought me down here to see Mrs. Rose...so she could "Sell My Soul To Satan!?" Said loudly with much insane conviction (waiting to be overturned)
In the dark immeadiately preceding this planned outburst I twisted two front locks of my too-greasy hair into devil horns.