Finally a busy night! (It's nice to be able to pay your bills!)
First a group of Boy Scouts that comes here once a year followed by a female rowing team!
Maybe the "team" thinking was cultivated within these young women but they were a very nice group, athletic(of course) and also otherwise attractive.
Lots of fun! Along with a few ad-libs, naturaly.
I do alot of my front room (first room ) routine in the dark, I hold the little flashlite. As I was about done with the room I walked a step or two, sensed something behind me, turned on the flashlite to find two of the girls sort of falling, stumbling towards me as they got up out of one seat, I said, "Did you think my clothes just fell off ? Wanted to be first in line?"
I knew it would be a tour for a group of people a notch-above the norm when I opened the front door to let them in (I am in costume) when one girl said, "I feel like I'm in a dream!"
I said, "Good or bad?" (Dream?)
She was smiling. I took it as "Good".
I really like to hear this because it means I am successfully entering a part of their mind that is a powerfull /memory-- creator/storer and impressing them like this guarantees retun business.
It also means my style/show appeals to them and they are already a happy customer.
They were out here as a team (the male coach was with them) as a "bonding" experience, and they sure did make some unique memories for themselves last night:"I didn't think she had it in her!" (To react and scream like she did) (The Bad Dream Bed)
They were from Chicago a three hour drive away, brought here by some of my old patrons, happy customers..and it all happened as a storm was brewing in the area adding some tension to the proceedings, real flashes in the sky and a gust or two of wind when the tour went to the backyard.
It was alot of fun for Jim!