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Thread: Online Ticketing Recommendations

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    Nightgore Guest

    So we're going through the process of setting up our ticketing now and all I can say is WOW! Interactive Ticketing has everything so simple and they literally walk you through the processes over the phone!

    Kel, to answer 'some' of those questions:

    *What is the cost per ticket sold online and can this cost be shared, or passed on to, the purchaser in convenience fees?

    I believe it's .75 cents per ticket, this can passed on to the customer via a convenience fee. My logic, people who will buy your tickets online, have bought several tickets to events online before, and probably through TicketMaster... they will understand the fee and actually be happy! Why? Because it'll be the cheapest ticket fee they've seen!

    *Will you need Internet access at your location for the system?


    *Will equipment be required (scanning or POS equipment) and is there a fee for use of the equipment? Sometimes the fees can be waived if you meet a sales minimum)

    You will need a USB powered scanner. It's only $200 and it's your forever.

    *Is there a redundancy check in place to prevent copied tickets from being redeemed?


    *Can the company provide online surveys and/or other "opt out" data collection abilities and provide you with the data for your own use?

    Yes, and not only that but you can create/send email newsletters... integrate google maps right on your ticket... and ALOT more!

    *Does the company offer any "opt out" newsletter or email blast services to send specials and other announcements to your online ticket purchasers?


    *Does the company offer ticket customization and the ability to add sponsor logos or coupons to tickets printed by the online purchaser?


    *Does the company offer a toll-free Customer Service line for people having issues with their online purchase?

    I think so, but you might want to check with the provider first!

    *Does the company provide a system for accessing reports to track your sales performance by dates, ticket types, etc.?

    Yes, and it's extremely easy to access and use. You also get DAILY reports on sales, etc. You can also edit/change the frequency of these reports!

    *Is there a monthly fee for the service, in addition to the equipment , per ticket costs and credit card fees?

    They have a monthly server fee, but for haunters it's a one time fee! YAY! Credit card fee's would be through your Authorize.net account, not the ticketing agency.

    *What is the Customer Service quality and response time that is provided by the company to you as the client?

    Awesome. They answer questions fully and quickly and also help you through the set-up proccess, literally walking you through it over the phone!

    Hope this helps! -Tyler

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    Aug 2008
    Escondido, CA
    Thanks Tyler. I wasn't asking for the answers to these questions here. LOL I've already asked these questions of all the ticketing companies I talked to. I was providing the questions to help others in their quest to find the service that best suits their needs. Thanks though!


    Kelly Allen
    Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction

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