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Thread: My Pneumatic Animatronic Character

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  1. Default Animatronic/Pneumatic 89 Axis Movement prop update 01/09/10 
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    I have noticed most of the photos disappeared from this posting go to http://www.theeffectslab.com/forums/...ic.php?t=10378 to see them all in a full how to thread!!!

    I am 20 years old and this is the first time that I have worked with pneumatics, ever. its nothing great rather hodge podged together. This animatronic human is still under construction and is 2/5 the way done. The fingers on this animatronic/pneumatic prop move. The fingers point or grab, 2 cylinders work this movement, they pull on small cables which raise and lower the fingers. the third cylinder on the hand part when pulled rotates the hand. The hand rotates back by a spring when no air is applied, it has a large berring to make the rotation movement slicker. the elbow bends with the 4th cylinder on the arm. The 4th cylinder swings the arm outward and the 5th cylinder on the linkage swings the hand up, this one that swings the hand up has two berrings to help with an easier movement. The rest of this character is being worked on and I will keep it updated on this forum. This character will have 24 pneumatic cylinder movements and 11 servo motor movements, 29 servo movements if i have enough time before Halloween to complete. I will be sculpting the head myself hand hands, they will be silicone. This is my first time working with pneumatics, please don't be to harsh with the reply's.
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