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Thread: Which controller?

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    Oct 2007
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Another vote for Pete's HauntBot's controllers. He just released a new 24 channel model (APC24+) this year at Transworld.

    It really depends on what you're looking for though. For a basic prop, the Maestro's are ok, though I prefer Pete's "4 Play" (4 outputs vs 1 or 2). For more advanced props or full scene control, I've been using nothing but the APC16+'s.

    IMO, I would rather stock 2 different controllers in my inventory. Basic props that aren't in the same scene with other props get a 4 Play. If it's an entire scene, IE 2 or 3+ props in the same room, even if they're basic, I'll put an APC16+ to control the entire room. Doing this, I can cut back on hardware and I can use a single trigger (I *highly* recommend contacting Brian aka Gadget @ Evilusions for IR beam triggers, *VERY* high quality industrial stuff). I can also control lighting for the scene with LED's (the APCxx series can drive these directly), I can use SSR's or I can use the DMX Daemon if I need something really special.

    -Brandon Kelm
    Operations Manager & Technical Director


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    Definitely a company worth looking into is Gilderfluke. They're widely used products and have a variety of offerings designed for basic animations, sounds, and full show controllers.

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    Aug 2007
    Spotsylvania, VA
    I still like the Boobox 4 or the pico boo's the best from Fright ideas. Easy to program and decently priced.
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    Oct 2010
    Arroyo Grande CA
    All of our custom props and even some of our lighting equipment has EFX-TEK inside! I recommend getting a prop 1 starter kit and experimenting!

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    Jan 2009
    I would recommend the picoboos for ease of use, they have 2outputs one trigger.
    They have 2 minutes of sound that includes ambient and scare sound. With a built in 30 watt amp. I would use the Flex for more complex props they flex can have up to 8 outputs with mp3 sound, I have used almost every controller on the market. and I find the boobox the easiest and most versatile controllers on the market, especially when using the Scaremaster for programming.

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    Feb 2011
    If your looking for a controller which doesn't need to be programmed by computer and can control several different props, take a look at the EZ-8 from EFX-TEK. It's a button banger (you just press the button when you want to it activate) and has 8 channels. I use one that is activated by a PIR and controls several props that go off in sequence as well as an audio track and lighting. Took about 5 minutes to program the whole thing and the customer service is second to none!

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