Those of you that know me know I use HauntBot's controllers for 90+% of the controls in our haunt. I really really like his stuff, especially the APC16+ for large scene automation and his new 4Play for smaller pop-ups and the like. Anyhow, I got word that Pete over at HauntBots is doing a unique show specials on his controllers for MHC.

Pete has a Twitter account setup ( and during the show he's going to send out short-term specials over his Twitter. That also means that people that aren't even at the convention can get in on his deals. Those of you that aren't super hip to Twitter, make sure you turn on device updates so you don't miss out on the short-specials.

I thought it was a pretty cool way to do specials and figured I would pass it on so those that are in the need of some sweet ass controls can get some good deals on them.