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Thread: A "Haunted" Haunted House?

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  1. Default idea for next years haunt 
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    May 2009
    HauntYourHouse.net/House of Shadows/Sparta Wisconsin
    Jim, that sounds like an idea for next years room!! That would scare the $*^*& out of me!!
    Kelly Anderson
    Owner- Halloween Undercroft
    Owner- Haunt Your House llc

  2. Default "That Tingling Feeling" 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    I know a young woman who will feel a tingling feeling on her forearms just before she might see "something".
    Her Father owns a summer cabin in rural Wisconsin. When she was a very young girl she would get this sensation and "see" two men dressed in suits sitting up to the bar in the basement of this house. They were there but not quite all totally formed, of course this scared and intriegued her.
    As an adult she mentioned this to her Father and he said, "I have been seeing those two guys (in suits, sitting at the basement bar) for years."
    She became alittle upset over this since it would have made her feel better knowing that way back then.
    When somone else sees the same thing the personal doubt gets removed and the experience becomes validated usually a calming thing.
    When groups of people would all say they saw the resident ghost here and described it giving the same description as had been given beginning in 1925 impressed me especially since those witnesses were coming from a long way away and the odds that they knew anyone locally to clue them in to the haunted history were very slim.

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