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Thread: CFX or SPFX

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  1. Default CFX vs SPFX 
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    Sep 2007
    O.K. I an the ultimate anal retenitive shopper - I am getting reports and reviews all over the place - hearing a few horror stories about tearing being hot etc... it seems like the forum of public opion leans in the favor of CFX a little bit but then I find tihs on Ripoff.com ---After visiting the compositeeffects web site ( also known as cfx masks ) I was impressed with the pictures of their silicone masks and the quality of the paintjobs. CFXmasks are quite expensive compared to latex masks, but I really wanted to get something top notch for Halloween.
    I bought one of these masks and it was delivered fast, but when I opened the box what I saw was nothing like the pictures they advertise on their website. The paintjob was sloppily and quickly done and in some areas you could even see the base color of the actual silicone! Also the seems were extremely visible.
    My guess is they either photoshopped the pictures on the cfxmasks web site or they do a really special job painting up the ones that they use to advertise on the site. Either way, at $500 it was a complete ripoff. -----Has anyone else had these problems or is just a fluke- I want to be pretty sure if I drop $500 for a mask I will be happy with it

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
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