First its already been stated that many here in the haunt industry are Christians. Second you got to understand that most haunts use scares in a" fantasy" world not the" real world". I attended a Haunt this past year, I want call the name but it was in Tennessee and 10 minutes into the haunt I realized they had an anti Christian agenda. I asked to be shown the nearest exit for myself and crew. I/WE WILL NEVER GO TO IT AGAIN!

God has given us all talents here to use to entertain people. If we do it in a non satanic way I dont feel that he will see anything wrong with it other than you having a good time as something you enjoy. It beats going out and drinking it up. doing drugs, things that I am sure God does not approve of.

Its harmless entertainment for the most part. I can say we get many church groups who attend Graystone Manor. When I first started years ago I actually asked some church preachers to go through my attraction to see if they seen anything that would be considered offensive. I asked them to keep in mind were portraying a "fantasy world" and not a "real case scenarios"

Do whatever makes you happy but personally Haunted Houses and Hell Houses are pretty much alike other than the fact that Haunted Houses repersent "fantasy" and Hell Houses repersent whats to come of future non Christians or those who do not abide by the word of God. Also keep in mind that some religions may find Hell Houses if more offensive than Haunts if they feel your portrayal of Hell is inadequate.

Either way good luck in whatever you so choose and the path you may take! Shane and its Shane THANKS GOD EVERYDAY FOR WHAT HE HAS GIVEN HIM! Shane this time!