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Thread: Keeping Up With All....

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  1. Default Hey Eric, 
    Guys who remembers these. I wish I could get the video here but cant so just click the damn thing. I am not as smart as Eric!



    Shane and its I feel like I am back in school! Shane this time!!!!
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  2. Default Post em if you got em! 
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    May 2006
    Exeter, New Hampshire, United States
    All good videos, I want the girls crawling around in the fog for my haunt from the second one IHAUNT posted. I have not seen that Ramones one lol! The ABC one I remembered as soon as I saw it. Very creative.

    Shane, I'm not smart at all. All the credit goes to Jester for posting this tutorial in the sticky at the top of this board. Check it out, it tells exactly how to post these things here. This thread about 80's music was a great topic to bring up and it's a good diversion from all the stuff that's going on in the news and burn out from haunt projects.

    Now that you know how, lets see some video favorites of the 80's from every one that is interested or old enough to remember. Larry what's your favorite? You must have plenty of great stuff to dig up from being a DJ before.



  3. Default  
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    Aug 2008
    Escondido, CA
    Wow! I am loving this thread! This is definitely taking me back! Some of my favorites from the 80's:

    The Cure
    Depeche Mode
    English Beat
    Aztec Camera
    Cocteau Twins
    Dream Academy

    Oh my God! The list could go on and on for me. A lot of my favorite music of all time is from the 80's!


    Kelly Allen
    Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction

  4. Default Scareview 
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    May 2006
    Exeter, New Hampshire, United States
    Yeah Kel,

    This thread could go on forever. You have some good ones in your list. This is what I'm talking about, early 80's metal. I can't believe the amount of stuff like this on You tube. I never had the time to search for this stuff before. It was the best time for music because of the huge variety.

    Scareview, you will like this one!



  5. Default WOW........Eric, everyone 
    Looks like you can tell alot by each of you guys from the kind of music you like!!!! I am so enjoying this its great! Eric I am missing something lol I watched the video even before you posted but oh well. Here is another one for you guys! AND PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING THIS IS SUCH A NICE CHANGE!!!!

    Eric check this out I was at this concert I have traveled all over the world to watch these guys and I was about 15 rows back! It was in 2002 at The Royal Albert Hall in London it's huge and some of the seats were like 6 stories high! I bet the people up there got nose bleeds!!!! Oh and I love the older sounds these bands have now!


    Shane and its yup guys and let me say this this Boy is one hell of a DJ too' I was telling Larry about that one night! Larry post some of your groups! Shane and its do the bustle! Shane this time!!!

  6. Default  
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    May 2006
    Exeter, New Hampshire, United States

    It looks like you are as big a fan of Culture Club as I am of Kiss. That's cool you have the footage of an actual concert you were at. Looks like a fun show!

    I tried to find a very different video from yours for some contrast. There were many great female artists that peaked in the 80s. Here is just one. Lets see some more from you guys, these things are fun.



  7. Default  
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    Nov 2007
    I think Culture Club is one of those groups that would fall under the "guilty pleasure" category. It's hard to believe that they rose and fell so quickly with the general public. Yes, Boy George was odd but he has an awesome voice and the group had a sound that set it above most of the similar groups of the day. I always thought they should have remained big a lot longer than they did.

    Anyone else have any guilty pleasures?

  8. Default Shawnc 
    Boy most definitely hurt the group when he got the monkey (drugs) on his back! Its been a long up and down road for sure. In 1998 when they reformed thanks to VH1 they were selling out huge venues. One thing that should be noted as radio here would not play their new songs in the U.S. markets. Two songs went to #1 in the UK. They are pissed at the U.S. markets to say the least.

    Anyway with everything else going on and George focusing on his DJ gigs I would say its pretty much over for this group even though the rest of CC would tour in a blink of an eye. George was getting $100,000.00 per DJ event and was scheduled to do a concert in New York prior go going to prison this past January to serve a 15 month sentence. He was released this May for good behavior. At the end of the day they each have made millions and will have memories of fans for years to come much as I have memories of them.

    Back to the thread keep them coming! I will surly have tons of your favorite 80's music at my TransWorld kick off party!

    here is one of the songs that went #1 in the UK in 1998.


    Shane and its just like Michael Jackson I think Boy just wanted to be loved! Shane this time.

  9. Default  
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    May 2009
    Heavy rotation favorites.


  10. Default Ok........ 
    Man oh man these are all good! Shane and its keep posting Shane this time!
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