I thought about putting this in the fright forum, but it probably fits here as well. I'd like to put out a call for photos or videos of good lighting.

Do you have a scene where you are especially proud of the lighting scheme? Have you seen another haunt that has a scene you think exemplifies good lighting? (Be sure to give credit to the other haunt if you are posting someone else's lighting.) Do you have an effect based on special lighting?

If it's yours, please share what kind of lights you used. Did you pick colors for certain reasons? Was there any other keys to the design to get a specific effect?

I think getting a collection of lighting concepts and pictures could inspire others to improve this part of haunts that doesn't get discussed all that much. A lot of people say good lighting is important, but putting together a portfolio of good examples of lighting use will give a much more concrete image of how to light or not to light.