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Thread: Spill your guts! What halloween/horror related items did you get for Xmas?

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  1. Default Spill your guts! What halloween/horror related items did you get for Xmas? 
    Join Date
    Sep 2003
    Mechanicsburg, PA
    OK! Spill your guts!

    What halloween / horror related items did you get for Xmas?
    Michael Bruner

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    Valley Forge, PA

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    Sep 2009
    Buffalo, NY
    I got nothing halloween related

    Unless you count the ugly leather jacket I got that I plan on using for a costume.

    I will probably use some gift money for a subscription to hauntworld though.

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    Apr 2009
    St. Louis, MO
    I got The Nightmare Before Christmas (collector's ed), the recording device I need for Rotting Flesh Radio, and tools for working on animatronics. ;-)

  4. Default  
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    Mar 2008
    Erie Colorado
    Lets see.....

    I got a cool Freddy Christmas ornament.
    Complete set of Nightmare on Elmstreet DVD collection.
    Complete set of Rocky Horror Picture Show Dolls.
    A new camera to take pics of the haunt.
    I think thats about it horror or haunt related.


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    Join Date
    Dec 2008
    I got an EDDIE ( what I was called when I was kid) from Toby Wayne studios, cool stuff there.

    Some cool Creepy buttons for my pin back collection (over 40,000 and counting)

    Not much else.

    Check out www.tobywaynestudios.com he has some awesom sculptures.

  6. Default  
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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    Remote controlled spider
    New airbrush compressor
    20 new airbrushing bottles.

  7. Default  
    Join Date
    Jan 2008
    Lock Haven PA
    Got jumping stilts for husband and sons. What a treat that is to watch....LOL

  8. Default  
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    Dec 2007
    I got a vintage piece I have wanted for years. It is the Everlasting Eric animation made by Gag Studios from back in the mid-90's. When they had their fire back in '99(I think it was) this mold was destroyed and never redone.
    I feel very fortunate to own this cool piece!
    Attached Images

  9. Default Lucky Jimmie! 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Got several tons of brand new snow to broom and shovel away from exit ramps and front entrance and driveways, Plus digging out two cars, but I fooled Santa I did not succum to a heart attack doing all of this and drop dead in the snow.
    Then last night Lucky Jimmie got another big surprise , 9 imches of fresh, clean water all over the wine cellar floor. It hasn't been raining, it's been snowing! ??
    Maybe it's a gift from the City Water department? They had a main break a block away, uphill from us last year and nobody knows what subterraineon cisterns and water systems are left in this downtown nieghborhood from 160 years ago.
    Just a day or two the room was dry as a bone. It takes a few gallons to put 9inches of water over a room 31 by 16 ft.
    I do appreciate a good mystery..once and awhile..but I'm getting bored with this particulair mystery.
    When I got the house 22 years ago there was 24inches of fresh, clean-looking water there but then there had been no electricity in the house for the sump pump for 2 years.....
    Maybe it's time to look into getting scuba suits to rent to the customers?
    One of human's basic fears involves worrying about:"What is under The Water?"
    (Along with "What Is Under the Ground"?)
    That city water leak last year looked fantastic! The pressure humped the bricks in the street high in the air looking as if some monster was about to burst loose! (Thank you-State Of Illinois for forcing the city to go 3 million in debt and buy that new water tower, making old water lines break.)
    Last edited by Jim Warfield; 12-28-2009 at 07:41 AM.

  10. Lightbulb umm.. 
    Join Date
    Mar 2009
    I recived all horror gifts from low lying fog machines, webcaster gun, shirts, socks, Tie, umbrella…. All horror.. My family knows me to well.. the best gift I recived was a old autograph from Vincent Price. Best fiance Ever!! Don’t worry I bought her a Ring and a house this year so I think were even.
    Hope everyone has a great new year!
    Peter T

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