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Thread: How many customers your first year?

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    Dec 2008
    Aberdeen, MD
    First season 5260 for our haunted hayride. We are in a Baltimore suburb and we are less than 3 miles form I-95. I would figure on spending $5 for every person you want through your door this season in advertising (web site, pamphlets, posters, billboard, radio, etc.)

    good luck
    Patrick Barberry

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    Nov 2004
    New York
    Legends of the Fog... Was your advertising budget 25,000 your first year? Was just curious.
    Bill Rod.
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    May 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by Allen H View Post
    we totally cant help you, we dont have enough info. How much are you spending on advertising? where (exactly) is your location? how much drive by do you get? what kind of advertising are you doing? Without this info anyone helping would be totally guessing. Do not use the numbers Im about to give you as a base line as I was in a different area. In my first year in Allen Tx we spent $75,000 on marketing (radio, I wanted billboards) and were 5 min off of the interstate and 50 min from Dallas.
    we saw 9,000 people.
    Allen H
    Hey Allen, could you tell if you got a lot of Plano traffic? I've spent time in Plano and it's a market similar to cool springs, south of Nashville.

    I know this stuff is hard to track as a change may have an alternate cause than the one you forecasted, but have you had a chance to try billboard to see if it compares favorably to radio. Due to sponsorship alone, I think radio is obviously in the mix, but I think billboard is an obvious one as well.

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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    We have a big Plano to Frisco portion at my current haunt in Waxahatchie TX. I also prefer billboards to radio, I think they are more bang for the buck. I also think you cant beat a good drive by location.
    Allen H

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