yup, tonight i have to trun in my things and hit that rode...

what happened was i tolled then a little lie that i was not going to be in town for the 4th and they knew about it. the other thing is that, at this time my work was a full time job. intell a month a go they put me on call because of hard times so i was only maybe working 2-3 days out of every 3 weeks. so you know that i was not going to make any money by that pay check. so they knew i was out but they called me to see if i was able to work. told no and then they were ok with it..

after the 4th weekend i got a call from my boss and he said that i am fired from my job. even though i was only working like 2-3 day out of every 3 weeks????

and some one knew that i didn't go out of town .. it almost seems like they were spying on me. Right now it feels like i don't have a job with out working that 2-3 days.

what can you do??? Help me out here!!!!