Completed out first walkthrough this year, The Chop Shop. A slaughterhouse theme with a chainsaw at the end of course. Had screams from beginning to end, one intense hit after the other. Total of 10 Actors and 5 people helping from the outside as well. Structure was a U shaped path with rooms on one side, and a long strobe lit tunnel leading to the Chainsaw room at the end. It was constructed of 165 wooden pallets, a carport and some pieces of plywood. Rooms were closed off with a strip of chicken wire to keep people out.
Next year we are doing a smaller haunt, without the pallets. It made for a very solid structure, but is very heavy and time consuming to stack and assemble all those pallets. Gonna go with 3 or 4 carport tents connected together and the theme will be a clown house.
Just wanted to update this forum and wish good luck to everyone for 2010.