I have complete control of the light(or is that the dark?), they are sitting on the sofas and chairs, I creep up infront of them, lean forward in the dark, snap on the little flashlight under my chin and make the smallest, slightest little squeak-sound as I open my mouth.
This all probably sounds really stupid, but it is totally strange, unexpected and the screams are real and highly laughable a second or two later.
Keep this in mind:"It's all experimental!" From one customer or group to the next and finding out what gets them is where all of the fun is.
Late last night three people, two of them haunt workers came here , the one said he has now been here 5 times and last night was the most fun and the best time that he has ever had here!
I was ad-libbing alot in the front room and being pretty outrageous for them.
It was an adult show, never like the child's shows in the afternoons. (Sat. & Sun.)