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Thread: Want to let you guys know about...

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  1. Default Want to let you guys know about... 
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    Sep 2008
    I went to a Michaels craft store near my house to check for some foam that I need for some props I am making. I was drawn to their foliage section. They have really good artificial trees/plants that are perfect for haunts for not a bad price at all and if you check your local paper they always have ads every week for about 40% off an item. I am sure something has come up about this already, but I just want to restate it if it has. I am planning on picking up a fake tree which was $30 plus I can get 40% off. The thing that I was especially drawn to though was their garlands. They have many kinds of leafy garlands that are perfect to use as vines. They are about $7 for each one and if you have coupons they are even cheaper. So if you haven't already check out a Michaels for some foliage.

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    Jul 2009
    Thanks for the tip!

    I was at Micheals and Jo-Anne Fabrics the other day, and I've used the floral things for various things in the past. Some of the darker or dead looking vines/flowers look great. Unfortunately, there is really no need for them in my house this year ^_^

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    Oh yes there is,
    Last year at one of our local haunts, Dark Raven Manor the asylum house's facade was absolutely covered with ivy and they even wrapped it around the sides.
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