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Thread: Nightfrights Haunted bust Review

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  1. Default Nightfrights Haunted bust Review 
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    Feb 2009
    This thing is So Cool!
    I love it.
    It Looks great even from inches away.
    Worthy of a place in Disneys Haunted Mansion.

    The Videos on Nightsfrights.net set my expectaions pretty high.
    This is one of those Rare instances where a product actually lives up to my expectations. Considering some of the add ons Nightfrights is working on. I'd say it exceeds my expectations of what a Haunted Bust can be. They are really taking things to a new level.

    Mike was incrediblly helpful in answering my many questions. This is a big ticket item for me. So I had alot of questions. Thanks Mike.

    Everything right down to the screw to attach the projector bracket has been taken into account and been provided.
    The whole experience has been a pleasure.

    Over the years I have collected many props and spend alot of money.
    Over the coarse of a season I would end up with alot of ok, cheaper props. This time I decided to splurge and buy one world class prop.
    I'm glad I did.
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    Nov 2004
    New York
    I believe its www.nightfrights.net
    Bill Rod.
    Dark Tech Effects
    Automated DMX Lighting
    Show Control - Audio / Visual Effects

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    Feb 2009
    Yes, you are correct.
    Second time I made that mistake

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    Aug 2008
    Escondido, CA
    I'll second that. This is definitely one of the best products we've invested in for the Raycliff Manor attraction! Outstanding product and a fantastic way to add perceived value to your event! We've relocated the bust this year in a room that will give people a greater opportunity to view it. It happens to also work as a great distraction. The patrons become mesmerized by the bust and then... wham! I also love hearing people say "just like Disney!" :-D


    Kelly Allen
    Raycliff Manor Haunted Attraction

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