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Thread: Airbrush Gun

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    May 2008
    Placing the order for the Paasche H set today and if I get some OT may pick up a VL set as well in the next couple weeks. I want to thank everyone for their help so far it has been valuable in helping me make my decision.

    Next question is compressor, I have a craftsman with a tank that I have always drained of air after each use, I am looking to get an external air regulator and moisture trap, are there any other pieces or parts yall recommend that I get to use this compressor or do you recommend getting a compressor made for airbrushing? Thanks again guys for your help and the valuable information.


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    May 2008
    Tiffin Ohio
    its your choice again on the compressor... so like the large compressor and they just turn the pressure down. I myself enjoy the small airbrush compressors....thy are small, portable and can be placed anywhere.... most of all they are ( quiet ) which is very important to me... I would like to suggest a moisture trap regaurdless of which compressoe you choose.
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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    When I worked at skull kingdom we had a huge compressor with a long hose going to the make up room, so there was no noise. But I also prefer the small compressors, they are light and quiet just like malicious said also valuable to me. get the kind that shut off when they have pressure, my old one does not and is really annoying.
    Allen H

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    May 2008
    Got a badger Million air compressor for a great deal, man that thing is quiet. I am still waiting on Paasche H but called Dixie art and they said there was a mix-up and they are sending it out today so should have it by Monday. So got brush, got compressor now we are on to makeup. Any suggestions on brands? Is is ok to use Mehron Cream make-up and thin it for spraying?

    Thanks again guys for all the input and help.

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