Living in your haunted house business does attract some genuine, criminal nut cases sometimes.(they think I might be their "Buddy" or something?)
Last night on the radio came a local story "A man (name ) was arrested from his trailer, he had several edged weapons and garden shears in his trailer that had human blood and hair on them."
I guess 30 miles away from here they have recently discovered some bodys and parts?
What brings this crashing home to me is that a few years ago a genuine nut case was hanging around my house a couple of times and he has been arrested for doing violent, destructive things for crazed reasons and the one time the Police pulled him from his car he was swinging his favorite garden shears at them as his weapon of choice.
This all happened after he was found in a hospital pretending to be a surgeon about to operate on somebody, the Police had him only a few blocks away at a gas station.