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Thread: Do any pros decorate their homes?

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  1. Default Do any pros decorate their homes? 
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    Nov 2007
    I don't mean for this thread to turn into one of those "Look at my cool new Gemmy props" things.

    I was thinking about the old story about the auto mechanic having the worst-running car and the landscaper having the ugliest yard on the block. Would anyone have any idea by looking at your house in October that you have a professional haunt, or do you put so much time and energy into the haunt that you don't even have a jack o'lantern at your house?

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    Aug 2007
    Cleveland, Ohio
    every single halloween item is at our building now lol so our house is gonna look super bland.
    im gonna put up some lights and a lighted sign that holds fliers to our haunted houses new location this year.
    i totally understand what your saying though.
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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    Not a stitch of decorations at my house, and there never has been, I,ve never been home on Halloween. Wait... I think my wife sets up a pumpkin cut out, and she has a fall garland around the front door, but thats more for fall.
    Allen H

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    Nov 2003
    Davison, Michigan
    No decorations inside or outside of my house anymore. I don't even celebrate Halloween anymore. I don't do Christmas either.
    Jared Layman

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    Jun 2005
    At The End Of A Long Forgotten Trail in Melrose, Fl.
    My haunt is where the home is.
    Giving People The Chills Since 2005


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    Jul 2008
    Richmond, VA
    I was thinking about that the other day... I'm only a couple years into professional haunting, but I'm still probably going to always decorate my place in some way... at least the inside. I just love the fall season and Halloween too much not to do it.

    - Ryan

    Blood Lake Haunted House & Haunts of Richmond Ghost Tours
    www.bloodlakeva.com www.hauntsofrichmond.com
    Located in Richmond, VA

  7. Default Halloween 
    No! Now Christmas thats a totally different story! Shane and its 1 million lights and counting! Shane this time!

  8. Default Halloween year round here 
    We finished our basement, decorated it just like a haunted house, distressed walls the works. We have framed a pretty good collection of posters from some of our favorite haunts. The bar has a little Halloween town with miniture haunted houses and grave yard. I tell friends that it's a scale model of Scare Fair 2010 It's a great place to relax and talk scary stuff.

    As far as decorating the outside, we are too far from neighbors for anyone to see them, and the dogs would vandalize it anyway.

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    Aug 2003
    Clinton TWP, MI
    I used to go all out decorating my house and doing a haunted graveyard out front. But now that I got the haunt going on. I don't have the time anymore.
    ~Bill Mlinac
    The Deadland Haunted House

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    Sep 2003
    Northwestern Pennsylvania
    With the haunt...NOPE!
    lol...no time!

    Kirk Boemmel
    Dark Ghost Manor


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